Informetis Europe Ltd – Privacy Statement

Informetis Europe Ltd and its sub-contractors are committed to keeping your personal information safe and confidential both online and offline.

This is our privacy statement that explains how Informetis and its sub-contractors collects, stores and distributes information about you, your property and the electrical appliances in your home utilising its website, customer relationship management database, emails, data sensors that are installed in your home and what is transmitted via the Internet to our remote servers for processing.

It also complies with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

We may change this privacy statement from time to time by updating this page. Therefore, you should continue to check this page to ensure you are happy with any changes. Once you choose to provide us with any information by which you can be identified, then you can be assured that it will only be used in accordance with this privacy statement.

About Informetis Europe Ltd.

Informetis Europe Ltd aims to develop products and services that utilises disaggregated data from household electrical appliances. Informetis is currently not selling any products or services in a commercial manner in Europe.

Informetis Europe Ltd is a fully owned subsidiary of Informetis Co., Ltd. Japan. Data collected from electrical appliances in your home may be shared anonymously by the two companies, but personal information about you or your home is not shared. Personal Information is only held by Informetis Europe Ltd for the purposes of contacting you during the trial and managing the trial.

Once, you have finished taking part in the trial and only, if you give us permission, Informetis Europe Ltd will hold information about you on our database for the purposes providing you with updates on our developments including new products or services.

About our Sub-contractors

pjb Associates (Peter Bates) manages the customer-facing side of our trials on behalf of Informetis Europe Ltd and therefore has access to all the personal information held about you and is covered by this privacy statement. The website about the trials a sub-domain of a website owned by pjb Associates. It contains an online form, which when it is filled in goes to a customer relationship management (CRM) system owned by Informetis Europe Ltd. No information is stored or used by pjb Associates for any other purpose other than for the purpose of carrying out work for Informetis Europe Ltd. Contact with customers is through an Informetis email address.

We also sub-contract any electrical work to suitably qualified electricians. SS Electrical Services (Stuart Sellers) is our current electrician. Through emails he only has access to your personal information for the purposes of visiting your home and contacting you to carry out the required electrical work.

What tools do we use to collect and collate personal information about you?

 We use email, an online calendar, an online web-based form and a customer relationship management system to collect personal information and information about the electrical appliances in your home. Data is collected using sensors connected to your electrical appliances and/or your fuse box. This data is sent via the Internet. These tools and the data they hold are held on secure remote servers known as “in the cloud”. All the online software tools that we use have secure systems in place to protect the data.

How do we collect information about you?

When you fill in the online form on the information goes into an online customer relationship management system (CRM). Only Informetis Europe Ltd and its contactor pjb Associates has access to this CRM. We only have cookies on our website for the purpose of analysing the website usage.

Personal Information may be collected from you directly, via telephone or email and stored in our secure CRM system for the purposes of the trial and sending out any future information.

Any emails that we receive from you or we sent to you will also be held in our CRM system. When we send you an email via our CRM system, we can track it to see if you have opened the email.

During the trial, data is collected from sensors collected to your electrical appliances and/or your fuse box in your home. The data collected is linked to specific appliances in your home in order that we understand how the occupants of your home use the appliances.

By taking part in a trial you are also agreeing that we collect personal information about you and how the appliances are being used.

What do we do with the information and data?

We use your personal information for administration and management of the trial. The data we collect from the sensors is used to teach our machine learning algorithms to identify different types of electrical appliances in your home, from just a single smart sensor. This enables us to send you reports of usage via an online app to you or the designated person if involved in the Assisted Living Trial. In an anonymous format, we will also use the data to help it teach the algorithms that we might use as we develop new applications.

If you give your permission, we will send you further updates on future developments.

What happens to my personal information after I have finished taking part in the Trial?

 You have a choice. You can either: –

  • Agree to continue to remain on our database CRM system in order to receive further information about future developments including new products and services.
  • Or, you can ask us to remove all personal information about you from our database (CRM)

After the trial, what happens to the sensors that are connected to my electrical appliances and/or my fuse box?

All the sensors connected to your electrical appliances will be removed so that we will not be able to collect any future data. If you have had a CM box installed with wires connected into your fuse box, the sensor inside the CM box will be deactivated by us, so that we cannot collect any further data. The actual CM box will not be removed unless you request this. It cannot be used for any other purpose.

For the sake of transparency and clarity, all data about the appliances during the Trial will be retained by Informetis but in an anonymised manner. In other words, whilst we will be able see the data relating, for example, to a microwave, we will not be able to identify to which house that microwave belonged to.

Do we give your personal information to other organisations?

We will not give your personal information to any other third-party organisation without your permission.

Can I request to see the personal information that you hold?

Yes. Contact us via email xpeter.bates@informetis.comor write to Informetis Europe Ltd., Future Business Centre, King’s Hedges Road, Cambridge, CB4 2HY (There may be a small charge for doing this)

How can I request that all information about me is removed?

If you would like to be removed completely from our database please send an e-mail xpeter.bates@informetis.comand ask for all information about you to be removed.

If you are actively still involved in the Trial, this will involve you no longer being able to continue with the trial and the sensors will be removed from your home and deactivated. You will no longer be able to use our App.

If you plan to be involved with a trial in the future, you will be sent an agreement form, that will explicitly ask you to agree to allow us to hold personal information about you as well as collect data from electrical appliances in your home. Signing the agreement form also means that you have “opted in” to us holding personal information about you.

If you have never been or are no longer involved in a trial, you will have been sent an email inviting you to continue to allow us to hold personal information about you. You will need to “opt in” to give your agreement by pressing a “submit” button on the email. If we do not hear from you after one month, all your personal information will be removed from our database. You can also request that all information is removed by sending an email to us.

Data Protection Act 1998

Information is collected on behalf of Informetisby pjb Associates, through the website Both companies are registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office(ICO) under the Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA) The information collected will not be given to any 3rd Party without your permission.

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UK Home Trial Coordinator

Assisted Living Trial Coordinator

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Updated 5 July 2018