Assisted Living Trial

How to take part in the trial

  1. We need a designated younger person to have older relations or friends living in the Cambridgeshire area that are willing to take part in the trial.
  2. The designated person does not need to live in Cambridgeshire, as they will be given a Mobile App to enable them to "keep an eye" on their elderly relations or friends. This dedicated person will normally be in regular contact with the elderly person and will also have to take responsibility for deciding what actions to take, if they are alerted by the Mobile App.
  3. Ideally, the elderly person should normally be around 70-90 yrs old, But, we can be flexible.. They should also be living in their own home, with or without a partner. Thus, not in a communal home.
  4. The elderly relation or friend must fully agree to take part in the trial over a period of about 12 months. They must also have their own broadband router that provides access to the Internet - that is left switched on all the time.
  5. For some trialists, in the elderly person's home, we will connect sensor boxes to various appliances, that must be switched on all the time, at the power socket. (For the purposes of this trial, when we are using prototype sensors, it will be important that they are left switched on, so that we can "learn" when each appliance is being used. This will not be the case, when the full service is launched.)
  6. Our sensors will be perfectly safe - being left switched on all the time. However, If the elderly person is in the habitat of switching off their appliances off during the night, we would prefer them not to take part in the trial.
  7. For all trialists, in the elderly person's home - we will also connect a sensor in or near the fuse box. This will be done by our qualified electrician.
  8. The elderly person's home will need to have the following appliances, to which, we can connect our sensors: - Kettle, Microwave, Dishwasher, Washing Machine/Tumble Dryer, Fridge/Freezer, TV and Electric Oven/Hob
  9. The sensors will collect data about how the appliances are being used. This will be sent back to our server using Wifi in the home, via your broadband router through the Internet. This may involve us plugging in another Internet router box to your existing router box. This should not effect your existing WiFi connection to the Internet.
  10. The designated younger person, will be able to use a web-based Mobile App on a smart phone.
  11. By taking part in this trial, you will be agreeing that we will hold personal data about the designated younger person and the elderly relation for the purposes of communicating with them and the management of the trial. We will not sell or pass on any of this data to third party organisations without your permission.

Next Stages

If you, as the designated younger person and your elderly relations or friends are happy to take part in the trial and meet the criteria above, please complete our short expression of interest online form by clicking the button below.


We are starting the installations of the sensors from October 2018. When you complete the online form I will contact you to discuss in more detail the next stages.

If you require any further information, please contact Peter Bates on 01353 667973 or email me on

Peter Bates
UK Assisted Living Trial Coordinator
Informetis Europe Limited