New "Assisted Living Trial"

Invitation to take part


Informetis has successfully been running a Home Appliance Trial that has led onto creating an “itemised view” of the electricity bill that shows how much electricity each of the main electrical appliances uses in the home (e.g. Fridge, Washing Machine and Microwave).

As a spin-off of this trial, Informetis is now starting a new "Assisted Living Trial" (ALT). This trial will involve using our technology to “keep an eye on” elderly people in their own homes. Thus, enabling them to live longer and more independently in their own homes.

We are now looking for people in the Cambridgeshire area to take part in the trial for about 12 months.

We are looking for younger relatives or friends who have elderly relations or friends living within the Cambridgeshire area, but not in the same home. Both groups will need to agree to be part in the trial. For the elderly relations or friends, we are looking for one or two people, at least one of which is over 75 years old, and both living the same home.

In the elderly person’s home, we will be connecting and trialling out various forms of sensors. Some of the sensors will be similar to those used in the Home Appliance Trial or we may just put one sensor inside or near your fuse-box. This will be done by a qualified electrician. The householder will have to have their own router their home – so that we can connect our sensors to it.

For the younger relations or friends, we will provide a Mobile App. to a designated person. This App will provide a 24/7 ‘view’ using the various electrical appliances in the elderly person’s home as proxy for their ‘lifestyle’.

This will enable them to “keep an eye on” the elderly person. Our sensors will identify which of the main appliances are on in the elderly person’s home. Our solution will learn the “normal” pattern of behaviour of the appliances and will be able to spot any “abnormal” behaviour that will provide an alert on the App. For example, if the kettle is always used at least two times a day and on a particular day they have NOT used it even once, then it will raise an alert.

As a token of our appreciation for taking part in this Trial, both the elderly person and the designated younger person will each receive a John Lewis Gift Voucher for £50 each.